All hail The Refreshments!


Ok, here's the deal, 4 believes that no one has heard of the Refreshments, so I'm putting this page up in honor of them. What I can say honestly is they are one of the coolest bands to ever get air time. They have that whole Mexican kind of rhythm along with a very cool alternative sound. Lyrical geniuses in my opinion. Take these for example:

(the words to Mexico)
Here comes another song about Mexico.
I just can't help myself I lost my old lady.
Got my lures got my bobbers now I'm gonna go.
Got off in the wrong direction
Found a hooker and lost my erection
So I had to lie in the letter to the boys back home...

I mean, just look at the skill behind putting erection into a perfectly normal sounding song. Well, normal if you forget that the little instrumentals between each refrain and next verse sounds like a mariachi band with an electric guitar.

Ok, so you thought this was going to be one of those sucky pages where you don't even get to hear something from the band, well you would have been right except for we like recording sounds, so here are a few of our favorite lines and such off of the CD.

So my question, are there more Refreshments CDs? If so, please e-mail me with sound files (short please), titles, cover pics... what ever! I need it!

Put the CD down.