You set the Refreshments CD back where you got it and look over to the stereo once again. It's display screen shows a list of songs that we like that you can choose to hear.

All songs except for the radio station are in midi or *.mid format. Most standard media programs will play midis. The objective of this section of our cube is to bring all of our visitors the gift of music.

This is 4. 3 had been serching the net for good Pearl Jam midis, but hadn't found any. If you have a location, or a midi, please e-mail me, with the subject of Pearl Jam midis. For doing so, we would be more than happy to give recognition to you personally on this page, and if you have a home page, especially one with Pearl Jam midis, we would put that up in the transporter room.


Here is a list of songs that we currently have available:
Blur, Song 2 "Wooohooo!"
Smashing Pumpkins, I
Metallica, Call of Ktulu
Some song that sounds like it was from a porn. ;)

To the bathroom.
To hallway B1.