You step from the cold tile of the bathroom onto the soft plushy carpeting of the bedroom. This room is also dimly lit, with recessed flourescent lights lining the upper walls, and two candles that sit on a table at the end of the massive waterbed directly across from you. To your left is a rolltop desk with the lid down, and on the other side of it is a dresser, atop which sits an impressive stereo. You look up and notice speakers in each corner and in the middle of the walls (except the wall over the bed). A viewscreen window on the left wall shows you a view of outer space flying by faster than the speed of light. On the right wall is a door to hallway B1, and a collection of energy weapons in a glass case. There are end tables on either side of the bed, one for each Borg, with various little things indicating who's side is who's.

Look at the stereo.
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Out to hallway B1