This is the bedroom. The first thing that catches your eye is the enormous waterbed extending from the right hand wall, with dark blue sheets and big floofy pillows. There's an end table on each side of the bed, on the left table (my side) is a knife, a set of keys and the remote for the stereo, and on the right table (my side) is a hairbrush, a pair of glasses and a watch. At the foot of the bed is a breakfast room type of table with two chairs. On it is a champagne bottle on ice and two glasses, and also two taper candles in holders. On the left wall next to the door to the bathroom is a rolltop desk with the lid down, and a dresser with the stereo and CD boxes on top of it. In each ceiling corner of the room and in the middle of each wall near the ceiling (except for the wall over the bed) hangs a speaker (the surround sound in here is excellent, especially with the bass turned up). Hanging on the wall next to the door you came through, on your right, is 3of6's "gun" case, his personal collection of energy weapons from races we've assimilated. On the wall across from the door is a window showing the streaking stars outside, and a metal shade can be brought down over the entire window.

Look at the stereo.
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