The bathroom is enormous, as big as the bedroom. The first thing you see directly acroos from you, lining that entire wall, is a huge, very deep tub. On the left end molded into the tub itself is a kind of chair back that, when the tub is filled and you lean back in it, water comes up to your neck (it's that deep). The faucet is on the right end, and the water pressure is very good, and the hot water never runs out. Next to the right end of the tub, on the right hand wall, is a stall shower with the same water pressure and temperature that you can get in the tub. Inside the shower hanging on the wall are soap, shampoo, and bath gel dispensers. There are also the same dispensers on the outside of the stall shower so that you can access them from the tub. Next to the stall shower is the toilet. Along the wall to your immediate right is a sink top with two sinks, and a mirror that hangs above it. There is another door on the left hand wall that leads to hallway B3, and a cabinet on the far side of the door next to the tub. There is a long bath mat in front of the tub and shower, one around the base of the potty, one at the foot of the sinks, and an oval mat covering most of the rest of the tiled floor, in front of the doors.

Go out to hallway B3
Flush the toilet
Go back to the bedroom